Our shipping costs

In order to keep your order costs as low as possible, you have the option of paying for the vouchers directly by credit card (free of charge) in order to save them directly and have them sent to your inbox by email (shipping method: "Download and immediate shipping by email Mail).
You also have the option of receiving the vouchers by post.
Shipping in Austria: Normal: € 2.55 / by registered mail: € 9.99
Shipping to Germany: Normal: € 5.60
Prices with a voucher. Prices for several vouchers, other shipping methods or recipient countries on request.

Of course, you also have the option to pay by bank transfer / prepayment.
In this case, the vouchers will be sent after receipt of payment.

Our tip: "Download and immediate dispatch by e-mail"
Select the delivery method "Download and immediate delivery by email" pay by credit card and receive voucher directly and print it out yourself